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What is it?

Our bespoke backup storage solution is a safe guard for your corporate/personal data. We will install a bespoke dedicated Staging server on your premises which is tailored to your needs with a capacity of up to 32TB.

This server acts as your local backup medium.

How does it work?

The staging server takes a copy of your data according to a predefined periodic schedule. As the device is situated within your network, the device can clone your data at up to gigabit speed (1024Mbits p/sec).

These backups are saved as copy-on-write, point-in-time snapshots. This means that only new or modified files will use up additional storage. We generally keep up to 30 days of snapshots, but can facilitate more depending on the overall storage capacity. Read-only shares allow you to retrieve a file from any point in time from the last 30 days at a minimum.

Why do I need a backup?

Backing up files can protect against accidental loss of user data, database corruption, hardware failures, and even natural disasters. Data backup is an insurance plan. Important files are accidentally deleted all the time. Mission-critical data can become corrupt. Natural disasters can leave your office in ruin. With a solid backup and recovery plan, you can recover from any of these. Without one, you’re left with nothing to fall back on.

There is also an ever increasing threat from the nasty CryptoLocker Virus and variants. These viruses scan your entire network searching for your data – the virus then encrypts your data so that the files cannot be opened or modified without the decryption key. The criminals behind this virus then hold your company to ransom for the unlock key. Even if you pay the ransom there is no guarantee the criminals will reverse the damage caused by the virus.

Disaster Recovery

To mitigate this risk we host a secondary copy of your data in our secure cloud, hosted in London.

This works in tandem with the local staging server. Backups are saved to the staging server first; they are then uploaded to our cloud storage via the internet. Our system will perform what is known as a delta-sync to minimise the amount of data being uploaded over your internet connection. A delta-sync only copies the differences between 2 sets of data. So if only one file was changed since the last sync, only that one file will be uploaded.

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